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They have also lived in Quincy, MA and Burlington, WI. She works together with her husband for their charity, Cedric the Entertainer Charitable Foundation Inc. From the foundation, the duo gives out scholarships to deserving high school students. Her father led the way down the aisle. He released a clip of the song Love Is Worth the Battle and discussed his marital issues in captions. Currently, Wells is 35years of age. He later embarked on a solo career; he released his debut album, Hills and Valleys, in June of 2017. We all know this life isnt perfect, but it can be exciting because Gods in it, this is Alive and Wells! They discuss their enneagram numbers and love languages, as well as share why its important to recognize how those around us receive feedback and love, knowing that ultimately it all helps us learn how communicate with those in our lives. Listen as Lorna & Tauren share their lessons, struggles and some of the inspiring things that God has given them through their marriage, four boys and careers. Jillian Mele and Married Life: Does She Have Children? Wells married his wife Lorna Brittany (ne Macey) Wells in 2011. The marriage ceremony of Lorna and Turen was held on January 21, 2011. The majority of the books sold by the agency are specifically designed for children. He works as a creative writer/editor at Celebsuburb.com. However, she works as a prayer in a Church. Now I can sit down at the piano and talk about what I'm going through and, because of the power of songwriting, someone else can identify with the same thing I'm feeling even though we've never met and I've never heard their story. He has been writing entertainment articles for more than 7 years and knows every nook and cranny of this field. From the beginning, Cedric had decided that he wont make his older daughter estranged from the rest of his family. Lornas brother, Brandon Macey, is a member of the Macey household in addition to herself. Yet, they fought for their love and are now in a better position. 20192023 - 20 The Countdown Magazine, All Rights Reserved. Lorna Wells is a celebrity spouse. I had to create a new normal in my mind of what our family time would look like. He revealed that both he and his wife were facing their own issues, but they kept the problem to themselves for the sake of their partner and relationship. Their marriage is one of the longest-standing weddings out there, especially among African-American celebrities. As a Christian how can we use Love Languages and the enneagram to help communicate with those around us?In this weeks episode Lorna and Tauren talk about some tools that help us know ourselves and each other even better! Unfortunately, it was simpler to say than to execute. And we werent going to stop fighting for each other and the love we share. I love the authentic approach and the loving approach you bring to this podcast. She was born at the Glendale Adventist Medical Center in Los Angeles. I was born and raised in Houston, TX where my dad pastored a growing church. Just because a feeling may be real, its doesnt mean that that feeling is true. Born on Dec. 23, Navy is Wells' and his wife Lorna's third child. Furthermore, according to her Facebook page, she is an Independent Consultant at Usborne Books & More. In terms of education, she attended a local high school in Houston. Of course, the wedding was officiated by Lornas dad, Ronald. In each episode of thispodcast they tackle topics like marriage, parenting, careers, callings, enneagrams, rest, generosity and many more things that are core to them. Tauren is married to the Christian singer Lorna Wells, who shares his beliefs and love for God. Lorna is grateful that her parents raised her in such a way because her life is more fulfilling now that she is closer to god. He enlisted the help of one of their mutual friends. As of now, their relationship is going incredibly well and we hope the family of six spend as much time as possible with each other. Lorna Wells is an American nationality famous for being the wife of a comedian, Cedric Antonio Kyles (Cedric the entertainer). Follow Tauren Wells on Instagram @TaurenWellsFollow Lorna Wells on Instagram @LornaBrittanyCheck out Lornas blog on Aliveandwells.comCheck out Tauren Wells's new album "Joy in the Morning" on taurenwells.comResources mentioned in this episode:Parent CueRaising Boys and Girls PodcastDr. Lorna rejected the proposal because she didnt want normal and would rather be with him. He is a Christian and has said that his faith is very important to him. She was born in 1989. Mika Kleinschmidt: Brian Kleinschmidts Wife. (Tauren Wells/Facebook), Champion curler 'praises God every day' for talents, Tauren Wells 'giving God the glory' after album debuts at #1, Winnipeg police sharing ways to stay safe while collecting door-to-door donations, 'All glory to God' for success of Jesus Revolution, RCMP officer with one kidney cycles to raise funds for 19-year-old battling kidney disease, Amy Grant releasing new music for first time in a decade, Collaboration album with Fresh IE and One8Tea released for 'Such a Time as This', Canadian rover helping in global search for frozen water on dark side of the moon, UN seeks Canadian help for 'enormous' needs as number of refugees doubles, Large fire shuts down portion of Main Street, This week in good news (Feb. 26 - Mar. She rose to prominence after becoming married to Christian recording singer Tauren Wells. Lorna and Cedric Kyle married in September 1999. Important Details Regarding Pitbull Son, Jeffrey Lewis- Net Worth, Wife, Nationality, Height, Songs, Career. In this weeks episode Lorna and Tauren share the adventures and aspirations of raising their family in a Christ-centered home. He got down on his knees and proposed to her. But do we really know who Lorna Wells is? Brandon is a Life Christian Academy graduate. They gave her an i-pod and drove her to a club that Taurel had reserved just for the occasion. 1,367 following. Who is Geffri Hightower? The couple has three sons from their marriage: Kanaan Crue, born April 30, 2013, Lawson, born May 12, 2016, and Navy Elliot, born December 2017. But, as Tauren was always out traveling for work, he didnt want to settle. In this podcast, the Wells will share their lessons, struggles and some of the inspiring things that God has given them through their marriage, four boys and careers. Tauren is married to the Christian singer Lorna Wells, who shares his beliefs and love for God. I am the wife of an amazing man who is a Christian Music Artist, Tauren Wells. Brandon often helps his father, who now works as a connections Director in the same church. Inside His Career, Married Life, Wife & Much More, Bret Baiers Wife Amy Baier & Children: All The Good & Bad of Their Life, What Happened To Paul McCartneys Daughter Beatrice McCartney? Taurel decided to pop the big question back in 2010. Show them some love in the comments below! Lorna attended Hawthorne High School. 4). Ten-time Grammy Award nominee Tauren Wells his wife Lorna have launched a new podcast calledAlive and Wellson K-LOVE's AccessMore podcast network. Brandon has three children, two boys, and one girl. More information on Tauren Wells can be found here. Lorna Wellss husband is one of the most well-known Christian musicians. He had the ring inside the box. She was aware of what she was putting herself into when she married him. Top credite nebancare. Hence, they fought for their love while coping with their marital issues. Inside Details on Jermaine Jacksons son, Who Is Dylan Lane? This very talented graduate from Life Christian Academy graduate is a Vice President at A, Wedding and Married Life With Her Husband, Tauren Wells, Tauren and Lorna Wells met a long time before announcing their relationship to the world in February, The marriage ceremony of Lorna and Turen was held on January. As of November 2022, Tauren Wells has a net worth of roughly $6 million. Were sure many of you already know a lot of things about Cedric, but what about his wife, Lorna Wells? They had agreed that they would never be separated for so long again. On February 26, 2020, Tauren took to Instagram to discuss his marriage. james quincey leadership style; robert claus eminem friend; is tauren wells still apostolic; is tauren wells still apostolic. On the other hand, Lorna wore an off-white gown. He was recently nominated for NAACPs Image Award for Outstanding Gospel/Christian Song, but the real celebration goes to him and his wife Lorna, who celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary last week! Afterward, Taurel sent his then-girlfriend a text and asked her to look under her couch. While Cedric was an actor, Lorna worked as a stylist. They are not trained therapists but just a Christian couple sharing what has worked for them. Balancing work and family might be crazy at times and both Tauren and Lorna both have their hands full, but Tauren feels compelled to do more. Their first album,Black & White,got on Billboard200 and near the US Independent Albums. Lorna Wells was born in Texas, the United States, on September 23, 1985. Contact: rahul.marasini.007@gmail.com, Interesting facts about Lorna Wells, Cedric Kyles wife, Gavy Friedson Bio, Wife, Parents, Children: Truth About Katie Pavlichs Husband, Insight Into Adam Beasons Life: Ex-Husband Of Actress Catherine Bell, Who Is Jaimy Jackson? Mike Schmitz), Confessions Of A Crappy Christian Podcast. Thecelebrated recording artist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter has amassed over one billion combined global streams and 225 million video views in his career to date, charted six No. Weve gathered some wedding photos below, along with what the Wells family looks like now! The couple makes time for conversation and problem resolution. Let's check, How Rich is Fabi, For the past eight years, American singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson has been battling Lyme illness. leflore county warrant search; 2 3 of israel will be destroyed kjv; the cokeville miracle debunked I cut my teeth on church pews, as they say, and sang my first solo at the age of 3. Given that theres not much information available about their wedding, it looks like the ceremony was a small one with only the closest of their friends and family in attendance. Lorna is also a blogger who writes about her life and God on the internet. Wells shared that both he and his wife were suppressing issues, creatingdifficulties in their relationship. Their first album. lorna and tauren wells wedding. They have picked great topics and everything they say is very thought out. Lorna and Taurel have been married since when? The High Note. This mix-up has led to much confusion among the fans. On January 21, 2011, the couple exchanged vows at the Pentecostals Royalwood Church in Houston, Texas. I am 33 years old. In this weeks episode Lorna and Tauren talk about the 6 keys to a happy home. Categories . Tauren Wells Essentials A versatile CCM singer whose voice is like a warm ray of sunshine. Everything About Mark Ruffalos Wife, Who is Sarah Ziolkowska? I was dealing with a lot of issues I had suppressed which only triggered issues that she had suppressed and we were both a mess. Tauren Wells started his career while attending college and after founding the band they produced two albums over five years in his career. "God sent us a surprise! He had been apart from his wife for an extended period. Tags : tauren wells tauren wells news Tauren Wells Podcast Tauren and Lorna Wells, I already like you / I already follow you / Not now.

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