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There is a Commander version with a 4 1/4 barrel, and you have the options of stainless or like with the test sample a black Duty Finish. I have test fired this handgun with a number of handloads and defense loads as well. Dan Wesson Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 5" Pistol 8 RD 10mm Night Sights $2,225.00 (Save up to 6%) Price $2096.23 01814 Dan Wesson Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 5" Pistol 8 RD 45 ACP Night Sights $2,159.00 (Save up to 6%) Price $2031.31 01801 Dan Wesson Dan Wesson Specialist Stainless 5" Pistol 8 RD 10mm Night . I really like the Pointmans fully-adjustable sights. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Personally, I think the 1911 is an extremely cool platform and really paved the wave for other variants and modern handguns. Dan Wesson V-Bob 45 ACP Two-Tone 1911 Pistol with 10 Grips. I understand many will not agree. Caleb Giddings, Marketing Manager at Taurus, introduces the all-new TaurusTX 22 Compact. My Dan Wesson Specialist came with two 10-round magazines and a hard plastic molded case with impressions for the gun and two additional magazines. Throughout the initial review, and the couple of thousand rounds afterward, the pistol did not exhibit any sort of an issue, even with a myriad of ammunition and magazines being used. The last change is the slide stop arm on the 2020 Specialist protrudes from the right side of the receiver a bit, as you expect on a 1911. Dan Wesson offers the Specialist in 9mm, 45 ACP and 10mm with a Black Duty finish or bead-blasted stainless steel finish. As you see above on the first photograph with the extended base pad, when you slam it home, the base is about flush with the magazine well. They are full size 1911s. Accuracy was exemplary, as was usability. The slide release also seems to be a nonstandard design and is just a hair larger than the GI model. Required fields are marked *. This bobbed 1911 was brought back into production by popular demand. I understand why it was flush; in the event, laser grips were installed, it would not interfere with the beam, but with the more traditional slide stop, it makes the pistol much easier to field strip. The frame sports an integral 1913 Picatinny, 25 LPI . A deep beavertail with palm swell is well fit to the receiver, allowing for a solid purchase and positive grip safety disengagement. Constructed with a forged stainless steel slide . Constructed with a forged stainless steel slide, frame with 1913 rail, 25 LPI checkering, ambidextrous thumb safety and G10 VZ Operator II grips round out this package. I tried finding the Black Duty variant but found the stainless first, so I picked up the stainless instead. The Specialist was originally developed for police departments who seeked a more reliable and durable 1911 pistol. However, many of the custom 1911 houses these days are producing their guns assembly-line style, as opposed to one gun being brought to life by the hands of a single master craftsman. https://www.patreon.com/Sootch00Join the NRA Today! DAN WESSON SPECIALIST (10MM AUTO) 5" BARREL (STAINLESS STEEL/BROWN) Dan Wesson Specialist (10mm Auto) 5 Inch Barrel (Stainless Steel/Brown) - (2) 8 Round Magazines, night sights are at 50% ,used in original box with two mags, owner's manual & takedown tool (it's a good looking pistol) It's in 95% condition for finish IAW NRA standards & with the following description and specifications: DAN WESSON SPECIALIST 1911 STAINLESS STEEL COMMANDER .45 ACP: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 973036944. . It is the Duty finish that has been worn away in just the right way. Your email address will not be published. There is a new dog in the pen and I cant remember the model but they run 6,000$ grand and take six months to get it. While at the 2020 SHOT show, I spoke with Talon Holsters about my issue and was told to email them what handgun I was running and what light and they would get me something put together. Please Check back for availability. You may want more features later, but if you want to get your feet wet with high-end 1911s, this is a good start. I would love to use this as a relaxed range day gun where you just take it out because you enjoy shooting. The company was founded by the great-grandson of the founders of Smith & Wesson. They are rugged sights that leave behind any concern with the rigidity of the adjustable sight. $ 1,729.00. Whether you agree with me or not, that is just fine. With an 8 round magazine capacity and a 4.25 length barrel, the Commander Classic is such a tried and true essential to our lineup, it has withstood the test of time, maintaining its California legal status. This is a big step up in handling. A quite different pistol from Dan Wesson is the Specialist. Overall Thoughts The Dan Wesson Specialist has enough classic features to make it feel like an old-style 1911 with a ton of modern touches with the rail slot and high-quality checkering. The Dan Wesson Specialist, a culmination of mission-specific features applied to the tried and true 1911 platform. To keep your hands on the gun when shooting, youve got some great grips as well as some very nice checkering. Im active on Instagram on @fridgeoperator. This item is no longer available. The trigger on this Dan Wesson feels like it was looked over and hand-polished rather than just fitted like many standard 1911 companies. Click Here: https://membership.nr. I am also credited as weapons master on a few independent films. For most of us, the Heritage is more than enough 1911. Lets take a deeper dive into the Dan Wesson Specialist chambered in 9mm. Even with standard loaded 147gr subsonic ammunition, the Dan Wesson Specialist cycles and locks to the rear which is awesome for a 9mm 1911. The TaurusTX 22 Compact delivers class-leading reliability, capacity, and shootability in a 22 LR platform, and it's cut for a slide-mounted mini red dot. | The feed ramp is properly polished with the requisite 1/32nd-inch grp between the two parts of the feed ramp. $799.00. .45 magazine, 115 grain, 124 grain, 1911 holsters, 22 shotgun, 338 lapua, 365 sas, 365xl, 365xl, 380 ammo, 43x, 43x mag release, 43x mos, 870p, 9 mm ammunition, 9mm . One of the first things I noticed when looking at my Specialist for the first time was how tight the tolerances were from the factory. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). If you are looking to step up your self-defense sidearm, I highly recommend taking a look at the 2020 Specialist line. Its a quality product and Im very happy its mine. The Heritage was introduced as an entry-level Dan Wesson. It has a match grade 5 barrel chambered in 9mm. For night, the front night sight illuminates green while the rear dot glows yellow, allowing you to easily differentiate the front and rear in low and no-light situations. Your email address will not be published. Theres the 5-inch barrel with the original swinging link, 5-inch overall height for the pistol, but the overall length has been stretched to 8 inches with the addition of the beautifully blended beavertail grip safety. The built-in magwell lets you run the longer 10-round baseplate magazines without having the magazine stick out. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. These magazines look great in the firearm and I have never had any issues with feeding despite this being a 1911 in 9mm. The 2020 Specialist includes a few features I usually do not care for, such as the magazine well and forward cocking serrations. While all of the other Specialist models are available in 9mm or .45 ACP, at the moment the Specialist Distressed is only available in .45 ACP. Let Oak Hill Guns help you find the best firearm that matches your skill and interest. Dan Wesson 92011 DWX 9mm Luger 5 in 10+1 Black Black Duty Stainless Steel Red Aluminum Grip Fiber Optic Front Sight Hinterland #: 153035 MFG #: 92011 Out of stock $1,549.13 Notify when available Add to Wish List Add to Compare Dan Wesson 92111 DWX Compact 9mm Luger 4 in 10+1 Black Matte Black Aluminum Black Aluminum Grip Night Sights Accessory Rail It has positive clicks up and down. The SCAR 15P is chambered for 5.56 NATO and, with its 7.5-inch barrel, is the most compact SCAR to date. The low-profile Novak-style front sights are a great addition to the pistol. Materials are better than in the past so even cheaply made mass produced or refurbs will run for a long time but again, if youve never shot a six thousand dollar Gucci or even a series 70 Colt then youll be happy with a cheapo firing at all. Wear was minimal and all internals were in ideal condition. Bob Meinert, FN Marketing Director, introduces FN's first commercial pistol suppressor, the FN Rush 9Ti. It looks like its been riding around in a leather holster for a few years, only without the accompanying dings and divots in the steel and grips youd usually see. Im a Police Officer and Firearms Instructor and we have to carry Glock 40 caliber. Among my favorite Dan Wesson types is the Heritage. On the right side of the frame youll notice that the slide-stop pin does not protrude from the frame as it does on a standard GI gun; instead, it is slightly recessed. The VZ G10 grips that come standard on the Specialist look very clean and do a great job giving you traction on the handgun along with the checkering on the mainspring housing. No restocking fee on new and unopened items. Equipped with an ambidextrous thumb safety, extended magazine release, and detachable magwell, the Specialist is operator-friendly. 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I spent much of my youth involved with firearms and felt the call early on to the United States Marine Corps, following in my father's and his brother's footsteps. I have tested several of the all-steel five-inch barrel variants. When you work with loadings from 160 to 250 grains in the .45 ACP pistol, the ability to sight the pistol in is important. Dan Wesson Specialist, .45 ACP, Black Du Dan Wesson Specialist, .45 ACP, Black Duty Finish NEW 01801, Guns > Pistols > Dan Wesson Pistols/Revolvers > 1911 Style. The reset is short with a defined audible click making it clear the gun is ready to fire again. In all my reading and research over the past couple days I now find myself deciding between two DW 1911 models. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval. The overtravel can be adjusted, but I elected to leave it as set as it came from the factory. The classic long-style trigger has a tiny bit of travel before hitting a defined wall and breaking just under 5lbs. Federal Power-Shok Ammo 12 Gauge 3" Rifle ProMag FN Five-seveN 30 Round Polymer Mag HK VP9 Optics Plate #2 - Trijicon RMR / H Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 5" Pistol 8 RD 9mm Night Sights. There are plenty of companies making $3,000+ 1911s on the market but there arent a ton in that mid-tier level. Offered in a full-size model, the Specialist Stainless sports a bead blasted stainless finish and is chambered in 10mm. Dan Wesson Specialist 1911 stripped to inspect it parts after several boxes of ammunition were fired. Notify me about new product releases, reviews, and coupon codes. Keep in mind that the general relationship of entry-level and high-end remains, even when the name of the pistol may change. About Dan Wesson Specialist - 5" Dan Wesson Firearms, or DW is an American handgun maker preferably known for their revolvers, but known as well for the line of 1911 semi-autos. With the rear sight incorporating a ledge, the pistol can be racked one-handed using a belt, tactical vest, jeans pocket, or table, for example. To be honest, when headed out after sundown, I felt a bit more prepared with a weapon-mounted light on my sidearm. The pistols have the fit and finish we call hand-fitted. Dan Wesson Firearm Store, we take once-complex purchasing processes and turn them into simple. This .45 ACP version is supplied with two stainless eight-round magazines. It always draws remarks when I pull it out of the bag at the range. This pistol also features a light rail for mounting combat lights. This means the tight lockup results in less unnecessary wear.

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